My name is Heather, and this is the little corner of the internet that God has blessed me with.

Blossoms In Adversity was birthed as a way for me to publicly display the growth that God has been cultivating and refining in my heart and in my life on a larger platform than my daily life. The name is actually inspired by my name, my personal testimony, and what appears to be the theme of my life.

Heather is a flower that thrives in highly acidic soil and is most commonly found in Europe, especially Scotland. The Heather flower thrives where all else struggles to survive. It blossoms in some of the most harsh conditions known for plant life. It’s beauty is developed in the lands of adversity.

I genuinely believe that our most beautiful character growth is formed through the fire, and I am confident that if we know our God deeply and intimately, and know how He works, we can grow and blossom in every season of life, and leave no moment wasted.

You are a flower, planted and transplanted by the loving hand of God placing you exactly where He gets the most glory and you receive the most good (of course it helps if we redefine our understanding of what ‘good’ is). Beauty from ashes requires a fire, to bloom requires rain and sun. You were made to thrive, even in adversity, and my heart hopes that I can encourage you along the way.



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