In The Word: Emptied To Be Filled

Today has been one of those days where it seems as if the whole world is against you. Everyone is upset with you, making hurtful comments, cutting you off in traffic; you just can’t win. I can’t even begin to describe how hurt I have been this morning, nor how alone and attacked I felt. I found it so unbelievably difficult to focus on the good things that God had done already for me this morning. It was so much easier to dwell on the hurt.

I was starting to come to grips with the truth that I was not alone, and that I would be ok when the morning got even worse than my mind could imagine. I went to go start my car, and it wouldn’t even turn over. My dad had replaced the battery just a few weeks ago when this happened before, so I was shocked that it happened again.

I had to call my employer and work out the details there – let me tell you, I have the most amazing boss ever. She is so sweet and understanding that ‘life happens’. I then called my dad and he did some research on how to get it started. To make a long story short, there are security issues with the type of car I drive, so whenever this happens I just have to do a little “fancy work” to reset the security system and I’m good to go.

I drove the car to the next parking lot to give it a test, and as I parked the car I began to cry. We’re not talking a little tear here and there, we’re talking full on waterworks. I was entirely overwhelmed with how many people were for me – my dad, my employer, my boyfriend, and so many more that I know would have been there in a heartbeat to help. Everyone was so willing to go above and beyond to ensure that I was taken care of.

Sometimes, God needs to completely empty us of ourselves so that He can get the most glory out of the situation and for us to receive the most good. Could God have filled my heart before the car incident? Absolutely. But He knew, in His infinite wisdom, that just a little more of a trial would break my heart enough for me to be completely surrendered to Him and allow me to be fully satisfied in Him and fully appreciative of the wonderful amazing people in my life.

God never ignores our cries for help, our broken hearts, or our moments of struggle. He is always present in them. He is just likely to wait until you are in the best spot to receive what He has for you. Sometimes, if you’re stubborn like I can be, it takes a bit to get us there.

God is faithful. He is good. He will never forsake us.

Let Him empty you so He can fill you – it will be painful, but it’s more than worth it.


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